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The Story of Life

This little story is told to the children of Domagersen about how the Sky Realms and their home was created. I like to think that this story was also told to Neveah, Iri, Taranis and Veton as they were growing up, when they began questionning the way of their worlds.

The Story of Life

The all-powerful being awoke one day and found he was lonely. So, he created a new life and new worlds, and when those died out he created more so that he would never be lonely again.

First, he created the Sky Dragons so he could fly around to his new worlds. But despite their girth these majestic beasts could not quite manage the distances. So the All Creator, crafted the World Tunnels – bridges to each new world.

The worlds he created needed light, so he crafted the suns of Sky Dragon’s breath.

But they also need rest from the sun so he created the moons.

The worlds needed waters so he made rain to be brought down to them using the clouds.

And just for mischief, he made thunder and lightning.

But to brighten his worlds after the storms, he painted rainbows in the sky.

But the more worlds he created the more he couldn’t control them. He needed help.

So, he created the Sun people to control the sun orbs.

The Moon people to control the moon. Whose appearance changed with each new phase.

The Cloud and Storm beings came next.

Then he created apprentices to carry on his creation of the worlds.

Then he kept them altogether in a realm called Domagersen.

Where he picked the best of the best to rule over the races to be The Guild.

Now he is now longer lonely, watching over all the new and old worlds.

You can read all about how a Sky Realm is created in the Prequel in the Sky Realm series, HELIOS AND ZELENA.

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