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Being Creative in more ways than one

For me blogging began as a way to build up my author platform. Another way to get my voice heard, my name as an author out there. As I started researching and learning out to blog I discovered there was one of the things I learnt was what a lot of author bloggers didn't do.

That is supply plenty of images with their blog post.

Blog readers don't like big long winded pieces of prose. They want to skim to the good bits.

So I learnt that I needed to provide images.

Lots and lots of images.

When I first started out this journal blog, I thought I would just use the free stock images that are available.

But a lot of the time the free ones just weren't the pictures that I wanted. So then I paid for the images that I wanted. Well as an aspiring author yet to publish her first book, I don't make money yet so that was going to get costly.

Three years ago, my husband and I bought a pretty nifty camera. A Nikon D3200. So I thought why not put it to use to create my own images for my blog?

I started out just taking photos of my writing quirks for another blog post (you can read about it here).

But as I started clicking away with the camera, another passion of mine was ignited.


Plus, with the added bonus of my smartphone I would be able to become an amateur photographer! Anytime, anywhere!

When I was a teenager trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I graduated school, two careers appealed to me.

Being a writer (tick doing that now) and being a photographer was another.

So now I get to do both!

Allowing me to be creative in more ways than one!

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