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Book Research: Climbing a Mountain

The lengths I go to, or in this case the heights I went to do research for my book. The reason being is there’s a pivotal scene in Neveah, climbing up Fingerpoint Mountain. Which is why I felt compelled to climb up a mountain myself. I’ve never done it before. Sure I’ve hiked up steep hills and done my fair share of bush walks but never up a mountain. I wanted to really understand what is involved in making that journey up a mountainside. So I could be able to draw on this experience for the story. I needed to climb up a mountain. I am lucky, in this respect, because I live near Mt Warning, a mountain formed from the core of an extinct volcano. Located about 12-14km from the country town of

Being Creative in more ways than one

For me blogging began as a way to build up my author platform. Another way to get my voice heard, my name as an author out there. As I started researching and learning out to blog I discovered there was one of the things I learnt was what a lot of author bloggers didn't do. That is supply plenty of images with their blog post. Blog readers don't like big long winded pieces of prose. They want to skim to the good bits. So I learnt that I needed to provide images. Lots and lots of images. When I first started out this journal blog, I thought I would just use the free stock images that are available. But a lot of the time the free ones just weren't the pictures that I wanted. So then I paid fo

The Handwritten Word

Ever since I was a young girl learning to write, the allure of cursive handwriting has always appealed to me. The elegance of the loops and joining of letters. I couldn’t wait to start writing like that. So it is no surprise to me now, that I enjoy writing my rough drafts with a pen and notebook. Using cursive writing. Even the first concept scene of Bloodties, was hand written on loose scraps of A4 paper. (something that I have long since regretted, only for the fact that I have l lost them much to my chagrin.) There is nothing I love more than to feel the scratching of a pen as my hand flies across the page. Indeed, as I am writing the draft of this journal blog piece I am hand writing in

Writing Quirks

I like to write by hand for original rough drafts. For me the writing flows easier when I write in a notebook. But what happens if I need to go back and insert a new section you might ask? The answer: Post It Notes. The more colourful the post it notes that I can get my hands on the better. I usually colour coordinate the post it notes to each individual story I'm writing. Salmon colour for Neveah Hot pink for Bloodties Blue for Daughter of the Seas You get the picture. It's one of my many writing quirks. Another is highlighters. I mentioned before that I colour coordinate my stories with matching post it notes, well I do the same for highlighters. I'll also write down the hand written draft

Writing Spaces

As a busy writer mum, it's not often a case of WHEN to write. But WHERE to write. My kids are at the ages where they like hanging out with Mum. Even if you're just in the same area as them, while they play. Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. I'm appreciating this precious time with them before they morph into parent-hating-teenagers. So to accommodate both my need to write and the needs of my children, the notebook and pen have become my best writing tools. So much so that a friend of mine gave me both for Christmas last year. Both of these tools has enabled me to write just about anywhere I choose too. Sometimes I need to write at the Kitchen table And yes those times I do use my lap

Motivation Playlist

While I am writing I don't generally listen to music. So please forgive me if I don't provide you with playlists for any of my novels. I like to write in silence. That's not to say I always write in complete silence. I have two kids. One is a toddler. A boy. So silence to me is golden. Unless said toddler is silent... So no playlists for any of my novels. But I sometimes to get me motivated to write I listen to my Motivation Playlist. The variety of music I have put together pumps me up for the writing session ahead. My Motivation Mix. Break My Stride by Unique II Coco Jambo by Mr President Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison All that you are by Goo Goo Dolls You can Do It by Ice Cube Shake

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