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How I came up with the story idea for Neveah.

Like most authors, a lot of my ideas come in at random times. A couple of years ago I dreamt of a woman dressed in white armour holding two swords. With this ethereal golden glow around her making her look like she was from the sky. Even in my dream I thought she was fascinating.

Then later down the track, I was watching a TV show with my children, and they had the Sun as a male and the Moon as a female. I thought that was an interesting twist to the Man in the Moon.

Growing up, one of my favourite stories to read was The Magic Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton. Mr Moon lived at the very top of the tree and they used a ladder to enter different worlds.

Now as the two thoughts swirled around in my brain, what if the Sun was a man and the Moon was a woman. They fell in love and had a daughter? How would she be treated being both a Sun and a Moon? What if that daughter was the woman in white armour?

What if I could then write a fantasy romance story about them for adults? I've always liked the idea of writing my own version of fairy tales. Not re-writes but to come up with new ones. Stories of love blending in with fantasy worlds and characters. I love a good romance where the heroine and the hero fall in love that doesn't shy away from sex scenes. So why not write my own adult fairy tale?

So I did. As the story progressed so did all these questions. What happened if she fell down to the Land Below? Well, she’d have to make her way back to the Sky Realm. Especially with the threat of a never-ending eclipse encasing the Land Below? Due to the Sun and Moon coming together in their time of grief, at their daughter’s fall from the Sky Realm.

Then as these ideas gestated, what if she met someone down in the Land Below? A farmer who was more than he seems? Who loved her, for her. Someone who had been treated differently for who she was?

That is how the story of Neveah was born. Her fall and her quest to return to the Sky Realm. And for the romantic element. The notion that maybe she would shirk her duty of Weather beings and that love may make her want to stay.

This book was a labour of love and enjoyment for me. I loved the creation of the Sky Realm, the Land Below and all their races. It took me two years from that dream to seeing Neveah, to being published as a full-length novel. But I couldn’t stop there, also writing a Prequel, Helios and Zelena. You can read how that story came to fruition here. This novelette is FREE to newsletter subscribers. Neveah and Blaxton’s journey will continue in the sequel, Quaedamore. At this stage I am not sure of its release date. (Too many books nagging for their turn first.)

Neveah, Book One in the Sky Realm series, is available as an eBook on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Nook. You may also purchase signed paperbacks off me here.

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