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Writing Spaces

As a busy writer mum, it's not often a case of WHEN to write.

But WHERE to write.

My kids are at the ages where they like hanging out with Mum. Even if you're just in the same area as them, while they play.

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. I'm appreciating this precious time with them before they morph into parent-hating-teenagers.

So to accommodate both my need to write and the needs of my children, the notebook and pen have become my best writing tools.

So much so that a friend of mine gave me both for Christmas last year.

Both of these tools has enabled me to write just about anywhere I choose too.

Sometimes I need to write at the

Kitchen table

And yes those times I do use my laptop.

But other days, like writing on the lounge, or even on my bed I prefer my notebooks.

Other places that I have picked up my pen when the muses strike, have been:

The beach

Many a time I would sit out looking at this view, writing scenes for Bloodties Book One.

Sitting on a tree root (I wrote a whole scene for Daughter of the Sea sitting back against this tree)

Over looking Duranbah Beach

This view on top of the cliff inspired another scene from Daughter of the Sea.

The Front yard

Watching my kids run around while I scribble away.

And sometimes I'll even get a chance to go back to my writing desk.

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