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The Handwritten Word

Ever since I was a young girl learning to write, the allure of cursive handwriting has always appealed to me.

The elegance of the loops and joining of letters. I couldn’t wait to start writing like that.

So it is no surprise to me now, that I enjoy writing my rough drafts with a pen and notebook. Using cursive writing.

Even the first concept scene of Bloodties, was hand written on loose scraps of A4 paper. (something that I have long since regretted, only for the fact that I have l lost them much to my chagrin.)

There is nothing I love more than to feel the scratching of a pen as my hand flies across the page. Indeed, as I am writing the draft of this journal blog piece I am hand writing in one of my many notebooks.

This is me hand writing another blog post rough draft.

When hand writing any of my rough drafts, I somehow feel more connected with the story. Writing down the scene as it plays in my head, with a silky inked pen, across crisp clean paper. Nothing better.

That's not to say I don't use my laptop. Once I've finished the scene in the notebook I'll type the rough draft up even editing my words as I type.

Nothing is done in this world anymore without the use of a computer.

But then I will print out my prose to edit and do re-writes by hand again.

As a busy mum, I've found that using a notepad and pen comes in handy. I am able to write anywhere and everywhere (you can read about that in my blog post here)

I can hear you asking but what happens when you think of an earlier piece of the scene that you need to insert?

The answer: Post-It-notes.

I'll use post-it notes to insert that new section of scene

(you can read more about my Writing Quirks post here.)

I think that I will never stop hand writing. It feels rather therapeutic to write by hand.

Hence the reason why a lot of people will keep a journal.

Or the diary of a teenage girl pouring her angst onto the page.

All hand written.

Do you still hand write your words or are you a computer typist only?

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