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Writing Quirks

I like to write by hand for original rough drafts.

For me the writing flows easier when I write in a notebook.

But what happens if I need to go back and insert a new section you might ask?

The answer: Post It Notes.

The more colourful the post it notes that I can get my hands on the better.

I usually colour coordinate the post it notes to each individual story I'm writing.

Salmon colour for Neveah

Hot pink for Bloodties

Blue for Daughter of the Seas

You get the picture.

It's one of my many writing quirks.

Another is highlighters.

I mentioned before that I colour coordinate my stories with matching post it notes, well I do the same for highlighters.

I'll also write down the hand written drafts in matching coloured notebooks too.

Lastly but certainly not least of my writing quirks is this little bad boy.

Editing in red ink made me feel like I was back at school getting graded on my work. Blue ink also stands out against the black printed word but again it didn't feel right.

Then I received this dark pink inked pen for Christmas from my friend (the same one who gave me a notebook).

The editing just pops right out on the page for me. I find it's a lot easier to see the changes with the dark pink.

All these little quirks add to my joy of writing.

It also helps me to organise my writing better. When I think of an idea for a scene for a certain story I can grab the matching notebook or post it note for that story and away I go!

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