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From reading paperbacks to Kindle

I've been converted

From good ole paperbacks

To the Kindle.

At first I was adamant I wouldn’t get a Kindle.

I like the feel of books in my hands.

If you’re as adamant as I was, I'm sure you’ve said that too.

A few years back a friend of mine received a Kindle for Christmas.

She told me how great it was, how she was reading heaps more books and she didn’t need extra space ro store them all on shelves.

I did read a chapter off her Kindle but still felt like no.

I want to feel the paper.

Smell the pages.

Hold the book in my hands.

Cue 2015, when I decided to become a writer.

You must read to be a writer.

Stephen King is often quoted from his memoir On Writing:

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write”

Even my creative writing course trainer told me to read more in his feedback.

Oh dear.

I hadn’t really read a book in years by that stage.

At that time I couldn’t even tell you the title of the last book that I read was…

What to do about it?

I could visit the library sure.

I did. Borrowed three books.

I thought about just buying all my books that I should be reading.

But that option was going to become costly.

So I asked my friend with the Kindle how much she pays for e-books?

“Most are free; some are $0.99 or under $10.” she replied

Well I was sold.

I’m getting an e-book reader.

At first I thought about getting an Ipad with lots of storage.

While browsing online I saw a Kindle Fire 7” on sale with 8GB at a fraction of the price an Ipad was going to cost.

I bit the bullet.

I bought the Kindle.

I love it!

I’ve read heaps more since buying the Kindle.

Whole series available at my fingertips.

All the fantasy and romance books I could ever want!


Though there is a con of going back to reading paperbacks from the Kindle

I was reading a paperback The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly.

I went to turn the page by swiping at it.

I did it twice before I realise I had to turn the page physically.

To quote Homer Simpson "D'oh!"

Are you a Kindle fan? Or do you still read paperback?

Let me know below.

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