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Blogging...everyone is doing it.

At first, I didn't know why I should blog?

Other authors are doing it, so I should probably blog too.

Traditional publishers love the authors that blog.

But what do I write about?

My interests?


That's a no no. Don't get pidgeon holed as a book reviewer.

My kids?

Do you really want to read about my two little cherubs? I've got my personal Facebook profile to tell people what my kids are up to.

My obsession with a games app?

No that'll just bore you to tears.

But as I started to write out several blog post drafts, I began to realise this could be an interesting way for me to share my thoughts about my writing.

How I came up with stories ideas.

Why I decided to become a writer.

And other such posts.

But no "buy my book posts" or "Writer's block posts." That's also a no no.

So it won't be a blog per say but a journal.

So come follow me on my journey.

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