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April 4, 2016

 While I am writing I don't generally listen to music.


So please forgive me if I don't provide you with playlists for any of my novels.


I like to write in silence.


That's not to say I always write in complete silence.

I have two kids. One is a toddler. A boy. 


So silenc...

February 25, 2016


 I've been converted 


From good ole paperbacks


To the Kindle.


At first I was adamant I wouldn’t get a Kindle.



I like the feel of books in my hands.


If you’re as adamant as I was, I'm sure you’ve said that too.


A few years back a friend of mine received a Kindle...

February 24, 2016




 At first, I didn't know why I should blog?

Other authors are doing it, so I should probably blog too.

Traditional publishers love the authors that blog.


But what do I write about?


My interests?



That's a no no. Don't get pidgeon holed as a book reviewer.


My kids...

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Book Research: Climbing a Mountain

April 26, 2016

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April 5, 2016

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