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Helios, the newly appointed controller of the sun orb, isn’t keen on meeting the Moon Controller, Zelena, especially after a negative encounter with the other Domagersens sent to work in the Sky Realm.

What he certainly didn’t expect was for her to be a beautiful young maiden who captures his heart at first sight.


Helios has a similar effect on Zelena, who can’t seem to avoid him. She knows they shouldn’t be together. The Sun and Moon races never interact.

But their growing love for each other is too strong to ignore.

Can a Sun and Moon be in love?

Especially when they come together, so do their orbs, forming an eclipse that has the potential to wreak havoc on the Land Below if they remain together for too long.


Yet they are drawn to each other, and when Niall, the Cloud, takes advantage of their distraction to each other, wreaking his own havoc, Helios and Zelena will be forced to choose between their love or their duty.


Helios and Zelena is the Prequel to Neveah in the Sky Realm Series—a fantasy world set in the sky and the lands the weather controllers are commissioned to oversee.


Neveah of the Sky Realm is the daughter of the Sun and Moon.


Struggling to discover her purpose in a world full of constant conflict, she suddenly finds herself falling from her home to the Land Below.


Now she must find her way back to the Sky Realm before the Land Below is plunged into an eternal eclipse.


Never did she think she would find love along the way.

But how can she stay for her heart when duty always comes first?



Neveah is Book One in the Sky Realm series.

A fantasy world set above in the sky and the lands below their feet.

She’d fallen once before.

This time she was falling for love.


Blaxton is determined to keep Neveah this time and isn’t willing to let her go easily.

But the choice may not be his when the Monteris King, despite the life debt he owes Blaxton, wants to hunt them down.


Neveah wants to do what she’s been doing her whole life. Stand and fight.

But there’s more than her life to consider when she’s immortal and Blaxton isn’t.


Neveah and Blaxton’s only option to escape him is to seek sanctuary on the Mysterious Isle, the place they call Quaedamore. 



Quaedamore is Book Two in the Sky Realm series. 

A fantasy world set above in the sky and the lands below their feet.

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Title page - Print_edited.jpg

Love wasn’t part of the mission.


For the last hundred years, Morgana Van Wilden has worked alone. Half human, half vampire: a Dhampir. She is one of the Council of Order’s top agents. Recently, the Council received reports of mysterious killings in the small town of Oak Wood Hills. This development forces the Council to reunite Morgana with two of their other best agents: Her parents. Along the way, the family encounters two mysterious local Daywalkers, Gareth and Alastor. Could they be the vampires attacking the humans in the woods? Complicating matters, Morgana finds Gareth alluring, sending the family of vampire agents down a more dangerous path to find their target and uncover the truth behind the motivation of the attacking vampires.


Meanwhile, Gareth Lloyd isn’t about to let the new vampire family in town ruin the life that he and his best friend Alastor have built for themselves in Oak Wood Hills.

He can’t help but sense that there is something strange about the Van Wilden girl. But he struggles to get close enough to uncover her secret. Refusing to heed the warnings of a former tragedy that he fights to keep buried in his past, he is drawn to Morgana, putting himself, Alastor, and possibly others, in grave danger.

Every family has their issues, but for vampires, they can last for centuries.


Gareth Lloyd’s creator, Mariza, turned him into a vampire and left him to die. He has hated her ever since. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that she is in town—and is related to the Van Wilden’s.

Alastor McLoughlin saved Gareth the night he turned. He can’t stomach how badly Mariza is treating Gareth, and he’d do anything for his best friend. Even kill.

Morgana Van Wilden should have told Gareth about Mariza, but she has her own issues with her sister.

Mariza’s arrival in the small town of Oak Wood Hills, threatens to blow their mission cover, but the bigger problem at hand is Ragnorok and his Forest Clan have gone missing. In their search for answers, the Van Wilden coven discovers the reasons for Ragnorok’s revenge.



Over Their Ashes is the second book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. Not your average vampire family. They spy, they fight, and above all, they love.
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Loved ones to fight for. Unexpected allies. A coven to take down. Just another day for the Van Wildens.


Everything is going perfectly for the Van Wildens. 

The Council are on the verge of approving the eradication of the Forest Clan. 

Morgana and Gareth have put their issues with Mariza behind them and are madly in love—even making plans to travel the world together after the mission is over. 

Alastor, while he feels guilty for killing Mariza, is feeling good about being an agent. And his girlfriend, Ava, has an interview for her dream job at a big-city newspaper. 

Oscar is ahead in the Mayoral campaign, which may mean he’ll be able to stay in Oak Wood Hills, prolonging his human charade a bit longer. 

Everything seems perfect.

But when the Council’s decision comes through, everything turns pear shaped.

Ragnorok’s original plans may have been thwarted, but he isn’t going to let a few obstacles get in the way of his revenge against the Van Wildens, and even more importantly, bringing down the Council, especially since he now knows Morgana’s weakness. 

He is going to make them all pay.

Starting with her. 


Taste of Revenge is the third book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. Not your average vampire family. They spy, they fight, and above all, they love.
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When love turns to hate, how does one come back from that?


Eshe Kalu loved Jonas until the day he gave her an urn of her mother’s ashes.

Now she hates him.

As she deals with her grief, she realizes she may have received more from him than she expected.


Jonas Van Wilden is trying to win back the love of his life. He has waited three thousand years to finally be with Eshe and will do whatever it takes to prove his love.


Morgana Van Wilden is still trying to deal with the aftermath of her ordeal with the Forest Clan.

Gareth Lloyd, her mate, and Alastor McLoughlin, their best friend, are doing anything they can to help get her back to her old self again. Even if that means sabotaging their first solo mission.

Can Morgana become the fierce, vampire ass-kicking warrior they all know she can be?


When the tables are turned, Jonas is going to need his sister now more than ever to protect the greatest thing to happen in his life.
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Two vampires from opposing sides.

She has to kill him. He needs to investigate her.

Neither expected to fall in love.


It was only supposed to be a simple mission for Hector Van Wilden. Investigate a rogue vampire coven who has been using a female to lure in humans.

Only to discover she isn’t human-turned. Hector knows all of the Primus who still exist, so who is she?


Ekaterina aka Terina, made a mistake. She wasn’t supposed to feed on the human she was luring, but hunger had gotten the better of her.

Now the Primus scum have finally found them, thanks to her.

For her entire life, her father has warned her about the cruel Primus who hunt other vampires.

But what’s it about Hector that draws her to him?


The more time they spend with each other, Terina discovers there’s more to her family than she has been led to believe.


Fall For You is the fifth book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. Not your average vampire family. They spy, they fight, and above all, they love.

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Two different vampires meet in the most unusual of places and fall in love. When they're finally able to be together love may not be enough. 

Does Mariza deserve to be imprisoned? 
If you asked her three years ago, she would have said no.
But these days she’s considering a different answer. 

It doesn’t help she has a handsome new cell mate 

Rhyland didn’t ask to be a vampire. And he most certainly didn’t ask to be experimented on. 
And there’s also the blonde vampire locked up with him. Something about her draws him in. 

Can the two of them earn their redemption? Not only from others but each other?

My Redemption is the sixth book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. It can be read standalone but it’s more enriching if you’ve read previous books in the series.
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Ava left behind the love of her life, Alastor McLoughlin. She no longer wanted to be part of the vampire world. 

She told Alastor it was a break. 

They were to remain broken up for five years.

They’re about to be reunited. But not in the way Alastor wants.


Because Ava’s fear is going to come true. She’s going to have to return to the vampire world – and not as a human. 


She’s about to find out what being a newbie vampire is all about.



Now It’s My Turn is the seventh book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. Not your average vampire family. They spy, they fight, and above all, they love.
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A queen must do anything to protect her people from war. 

Even offer her hand in marriage to a rival kingdom.

A Queen doesn’t have time for love anyway.

But as Evelda spends more time with her future husband, Thaine, Prince of the Pacific Ocean, the more he warms her once cold heart. 


There’s nothing simple about negotiating marriage alliances, as old rivalries are not so easily forgotten…

With more occurring beneath the surface, this could mean the undoing of them all…


The Queen’s Alliance is the first book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series. A compelling underwater fantasy world with rivalling royals and ocean-deep love.
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A merperson’s first kiss is marked as a rite of passage. 

But Charisa did the unthinkable and shared hers with a human. 


Under the guise of fulfilling her royal duty, Charisa is set to travel to the human land on a mission—one that will favor them in the war to come. 


But she has selfish reasons for going. Ever since their kiss, she can’t get Darren off her mind. 


If she thought navigating the royal courts of the ocean was fraught with danger, staying on land is like nothing she’s experienced before. Despite the uncertainty and insecurity, life above the water gives her the freedom she yearns. 


Torn between two worlds, she has to decide whether to follow her heart and stay or risk the safety and prosperity of her people.


The Princess’s Mission is the second book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series. A compelling underwater fantasy world with rivaling royals and ocean-deep love.
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Some believe they are the heroes in their story. 

Others just do what needs to be done.


Laxin may have gotten his war.

But his reasons may not be all that they seem.


Isolated from the other oceans, Evelda must fight for her kingdom.

But she is not alone.

Thaine will be by her side…she hopes.


Charisa is back in the ocean. But returning during an impending war mightn’t have been the best time.


Darren wasn’t going to let Charisa leave him behind even if that means returning to the very place he was banished from. 


Each of their paths to victory will not be easy. 

Fighting for loved ones never is. 



The King’s War is the third book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series. A compelling underwater fantasy world with rivalling royals and ocean-deep love.
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A new queen. A royal wedding. A chance for two mermaids to find love. 


Mylvine should be grieving her father, but the burden placed on her to perform as queen is a heavy one. 


And the heaviest of all is to negotiate access to Tridentis for her mother, with the kingdom that was once their enemy. 


As old rivalries are buried, she finds herself invited to the wedding of Evelda and Thaine of the Atlantic Ocean Kingdom. An opportunity to strengthen the bonds of their two kingdoms. 


What Mylvine doesn’t expect is one of the wedding guests to be the most beautiful mermaid she’s ever seen. 


Only there’s another who doesn’t want her to find love with the mermaid.



A New Queen’s Burden is the fourth book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series. 

A compelling underwater fantasy world with rivalling royals and ocean-deep love.
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A mermaid and a merman fall in love, but her secrets will force them apart.



All Kalaiyah wanted was to savor her last bout of freedom before she returned home. Only she didn’t count on meeting the merman of her dreams. 


When she meets Nateo, they’re both consumed by a love unlike anything either of them has felt before.


But Kalaiyah is keeping something from Nateo, the truth about who she really is.


Heartbroken and devastated from her lies, Nateo returns to the Atlantic Ocean.

Only for Kalaiyah to follow and beg his forgiveness.

No matter how much he tries, Nateo can’t forget the circumstances surrounding her secret. 


Nateo must choose. Whether to take back the love of his life or never being able to trust her again.


The Chief’s Daughter is the fifth book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series. A compelling underwater fantasy world with rivaling royals and ocean-deep love.
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Darren and Charisa have the best of both worlds by living in the sea and on the human lands. They’re happy with the way their life is.


Well, that’s what Darren thinks.


It’s Charisa’s hope that one day he’ll change his mind.


The strength of their love is about to be put to the test by something both of them did not see coming.


A Princess’s Hope is the sixth book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series. A compelling underwater fantasy world with rivalling royals and ocean deep love.
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Two unlikely worlds are about to collide when a tiger shifter finds his human mate.


Despite his lack of sight, Sunan regularly patrols the forest defending his wild tiger brethren from the threat of poachers.


When he approaches the waterfall hidden in the forest, he scents his mate. But Preeda is a human, and she’s not exactly thrilled to discover the tiger she saw in the forest can turn into a man—a beautiful man, but a tiger, nonetheless.


Meanwhile, the threat of poachers looms over the tigers causing problems for Sunan and his brethren.


Can Sunan convince his mate to accept him as hers? Or will Preeda lose him forever?
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